Princess FAQs

  • Do I have a boyfriend

… No. I have a fanclub. Boyfriends are for teens, and the position as Prince is currently not an option. This does not mean I don’t date , and often I accept Ignore Calls while out and about so you can enjoy the fun I am having.

  • Do I have a job?

… Yes. I have a career listening get to people tell me their dreams and fantasies, and it cuts with benefits like medical, dental, vision and life insurances.  My office has Windows and I take calls while at my desk.

  • Do I like sex?

… Sex is a gift and I enjoy unwrapping it often

  • Can you meet me?

… No.

  • How can you contact me?

… @princess12toes on Twitter. I also have a Facebook page (look for it – I don’t feel like spoonfeeding you all the answers) and call me     m

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