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This is me. Naked. No filter. No make up. Fat as Friar Tuck. Sexy as always.

I’ve been thin and I’ve been 333 pounds. I have not had small breasts since I grew breast (I might want them though).

In every incarnation I have been an object of scorn and an object of desire. If I were to judge my worth by the demand to access my naked lady bits, well, I worth a lot.

I was a teen when I started gaining weight. I had a dream that someone was stuffing pillows into my skin as I slept.

My body is female and it has done all the awesome and annoying things a female body can do. One of my stretchmarks is like a lightening strike and my favorite part to touch. A soft and silky purple groove.

If I had to gage my value by the negative words thrown at me as I grew up and until the most recent departure of *cough manhood from my home – I would be scarred deeper than any stretch mark.

Fortunately I rate my beauty entirely differently.

Each day I have a goal to say something nice, unexpected, but true to a total stranger. Failing to find one of those , I find someone I don’t like and list the or good qualities to them in a greeting. If I can do this with sincerity and joy then I am beautiful.

My ass rocks the house.
My breasts are overly large, heavy, smooth and tipped in magenta.
I thought the slang “Sweet” was a reference to the taste of my nether regions (seriously).
I grow my hair because I like the curtain effects when I brace my hands on the headboard and lean down to kiss a man.
I give great phone sex like the professional I am.
And of course we all know how I love a good pair of CFM boots when resting out a car window or pointed at the ceiling.

But what makes me Sexy , desirable, and lovely is my perspective on other people and my love for myself.